Hi, my name is Allen. I've been photographing everything around me for the better part of two decades now, which means I'm getting older, maybe even wiser. Perhaps. I'm currently working out of Sherwood Park, AB, but I've been known to get around from time to time. When i can, I like to explore, in search for beauty and interest in whatever I see. I hope you'll come along for the journey. 

Technical Stuff:
I was first introduced to photography in high school and was recognized for my talents. I then decided to complete a professional photography program in college as I was looking for the technical knowledge needed to allow me to enhance my artistic abilities. Since then I've been utilizing those skills to help my clients get everything they were looking for, all the while providing them with an exciting and memorable experience. full Disclaimer, I have not completed comedy school. 

Fun Stuff:
I'm a big fan of snowboarding, music (all kinds), camping, the great outdoors, microbrews (all kinds), travel, and most importantly being a husband and dad. In the winter months I can typically be found on the side of a hill, or mountain somewhere, ripping to tunes. I love landscape photography and really enjoy getting out to explore and take photos of the places I've been in this world.
If you would like to view my real estate work please head over to www.allencooperphotos.com or click on the button over there. 
I am truly happy and forever grateful for the opportunities that have been brought fourth in my life. these are exciting times and I look forward to every challenge that lies ahead! 

All of my photos are available for print, Please inquire via the contact form

Thanks for stopping by!
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